Sobre quien soy – About me

This is the start to the official MinaCapa site launch (reborn)! Currently testing the platform and beginning what is sure to be a new learning curve and excellent time ahead.

I was born in Chile and raised in Iowa, USA. My roots run deep into my Latina sangre (blood) and I’m perpetually grateful for the sacrifices my parents made for my sister and I so that we could have an opportunity for a bright future. I’m aware that this transitional nature is something that generations of families have experienced however my personal recognition for how this has defined me as an adult has more recently started to settle in. While the immigrant path hasn’t been easy for any of us, I am grateful for the richness this bilingual and bicultural vida (life) has offered us. More about my influences and inspirations in future posts.

I wouldn’t consider myself the strongest writer however I am a being with a voice to be heard. This blog-o-sphere is intended to be diverse in nature; featuring the capacity to share with others my love for many things in life. Varying from food & recipes, to community related events, music/movement/dance, to the recognition for self-love and care for others- this space is intended for you and me. My motto is that in life one does not stop learning and I personally am never bored or stagnant with what our vast universe has to offer. Tapping into your inner creativity is an ongoing process and one that only gets finer with age. Cheers to continued enrichment!