Resist and flow

Today will be the day.

No more will you be able to criticize the beauty that lies in front of you.

You have no claim.

Money in your bank does not substantiate your claim to authority. What it does it makes you sound like a pompous ass hole who has no other ground to hold.

Never attack or tell someone that you generally prefer a “thinner” stature because guess what? They are curvy and proud and choose to do their best day in and day out with accepting the things they cannot control. They breathe on this earth for as few as milliseconds to many years ahead of the present and if they exhaust their time and space thinking about what they can or should have been than well, they will never live.

No one should have to think that they should be any more or any less than the person they already are. Their empathy and general contributions towards those around them far surpass the majority of people they’ve met in my time. They’ve wondered if a path of selfishness is better. They shall overcome. We all shall.

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